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Buy snustabak, how and where do you actually do that? That is a question that regularly rages around on the internet. The official relevant answer is simple: in any case not in the Netherlands, not even through a foreign web shop. For real Swedish snus Buying tobacco is not allowed in the EU, except for the countries of Norway and Sweden. But luckily there are fine alternatives for sale, which are almost the same as the real thing!

What exactly is snus tobacco?

Buy snustabak

First let's explain what snus is exactly. The real, original snus comes from Sweden and consists of moist ground tobacco and a number of additives and flavors. You do not smoke this tobacco, but put it in your mouth, where the nicotine and the flavor are released. This has a relaxing effect, and some people also feel more alert. A bit like smoking, but without smoking!


Buy snus legally

You cannot buy snus tobacco from us, but you can Nicotine pouches. This is now also called snus, but it is not officially. The principle is almost the same: you put a nicotine pouch under your lip, where the nicotine is absorbed. The big difference is that there is no tobacco in a pouch, but instead natural fibers to which the nicotine and aromas have been added.

Types of snus without tobacco

One of the great things about nicotine pouches is that there are so many different flavors, strengths and sizes. Think, for example, of a fresh mint flavor, a warm coffee flavor or a juicy fruit flavor. In terms of strength, you can pouches buy from very mild (suitable for beginners) to extra strong (only for experienced users). The various sizes also help you choose the product that exactly meets your needs. The 'mini' size is useful if you want to sneeze as inconspicuously as possible, while a larger size provides a greater nicotine boost. It just depends on what you need.

View so which pouch suits you and enjoy!

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