Three things you should know about snus tobacco

Do you have left snuff heard, and are you curious about it? In these times when smoking is becoming more and more passé, snus is gaining in popularity. That is because snus is smoke-free, and you do not ingest tar, as with cigarettes, but you do meet your nicotine needs with it! Moreover, the effect is slightly different and there are different types of snus with different flavors.

What is snus tobacco?

But what exactly is it? The original Swedish snus is a product made from moist ground tobacco mixed with other substances such as sodium carbonate and flavorings. This Swedish snus tobacco is sold both loose and in bags. Before use, place the snus under your lip, after which the nicotine is absorbed by your mucous membrane. This results in a pleasant feeling. You let it sit under your lip for a while and then you throw the tobacco away. So you don't have to spit or anything like that.

Where can you buy snus tobacco?

Snus tobacco

Now the tricky part: snus tobacco is not for sale in the Netherlands at all. In fact, it is banned across the EU, except in Sweden and Norway. So there is no store that can ship it to a Dutch address, not even from a Swedish webshop. But do not be sad. We have an alternative to snus tobacco that is actually only better: Nicotine pouches. This is a tobacco-free product that you use in the same way.

What are the benefits of alternatives?

The greatest benefit of nicotine pouches compared to real snus, they are for sale here and Swedish snus is not. But, the nicotine bags also have many advantages! As mentioned before, the pouches tobacco-free, so you get nicotine but not the other harmful substances of tobacco. The absence of tobacco also ensures that you don't get unsightly stains on your teeth. In addition, the nicotine pouches a lot easier to use than loose snus: the bags feel pleasant and are flexible. When you are done with the bag, you will also have no pieces of tobacco in your mouth. Finally, the amount of nicotine in the pouches accurately determined, so that you know exactly what you are buying.

Try one of our many types and flavors!

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