Snus Suction Tobacco

What is Snus sucking tobacco?

What is Snus sucking tobacco?

Snus is also called sucking tobacco. A Swedish invention in which tobacco is put in a kind of tea bag between the upper lip and gums.

For example, do you want to quit smoking, but still get your nicotine daily? Then is snus sucking tobacco maybe something for you!

Snus sucking tobacco is a moist powder form made from steamed tobacco. It is mainly made in Sweden and Norway. You stop these pouches behind your upper lip. This gives you the dose of nicotine from a normal cigarette, but without bothering other people with smoke or a bad smell. Snus tobacco has gained a lot of ground because smoking is increasingly 'not done'. It is a super nice alternative.


Snus is becoming more and more popular!

Today snus is sold in prepackaged pouches, in different types and sizes to meet the needs of the users. The Snus product is becoming more and more popular and this is mainly due to the fact that smoking is not allowed in more and more places. In addition, smoking is becoming more and more expensive and this is increasing the popularity of nicotine pouches more and more. Snus is hard to come by because it is illegal. Order therefore Nicotine Pouches op View our wide range and try it out!


Nicotine Pouches and the benefits of Nicotine Pouches

Our nicotine pouches have many advantages as an alternative to Swedish snus. The bags are soft and comfortable, so you can use them in different ways. Some users like to fold the bag in half, others push the bag to one side again. This is different for every person. Try it and see what works for you.

Another advantage is that the bags do not contain nicotine, so that you do not get stains on your teeth. You still get that nice nicotine boost, but you get less harmful substances. Nicotine pouches are also more tooth-friendly and a lot cheaper than cigarettes. In addition, you get with nicotine pouches nicotine in your blood much faster than with another cigarette substitute.


snuff nicotine pouches

Are you convinced?

The nicotine pouches are available in different flavors and brands. For example, do you go for snus van LYFT, KILLA, Pablo of White Fox? And what taste do you choose for your nicotine pouches? Are you going for a mint flavor, watermelon, or cola flavor? Order our nicotine pouches directly in the webshop.


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