How is Swedish snus produced?

Production process Swedish snus

Everything starts with the tobacco seed

The seed is the beginning of a process that has been refined for nearly two hundred years now. The producers combine traditional knowledge with the latest scientific findings to produce world-leading quality products.

Planting the tobacco

Only when the plant has reached a height of about 10 cm is it planted. After ten to twelve weeks, the time for the harvest has arrived. The plant ripens from bottom to top, which means that harvesting is also a craft that requires a lot of knowledge. First, the bottom pair of leaves are harvested. After the harvest, the drying process starts under the sun or in a shed. During the drying process, the moisture content of the leaves drops from about 80 to 20 percent. After drying, the tobacco leaves are shipped for further processing and sorting according to quality standards.

The production

In the production of Swedish snus tobacco, the ground tobacco goes through different processes. This starts with the crushing of the tobacco. When the ground tobacco mixture is ready, the actual preparation takes place. The process starts with weighing the broken tobacco mixture and transferring it to the mixer. Salt and water are added while stirring; the salt not only serves to improve the taste, but also has preservative properties. The tobacco is then heated in a process that can be compared to pasteurization. During this process, the micro-organisms are made harmless, the snus is retained and has a better aroma and taste. After the heating process, the Swedish snus tobacco is cooled and the other ingredients are added.

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Ready to pack

When all measured values ​​are correct, the batch is ready to be packed. Loose Swedish snus tobacco is usually packed directly in tins. Filling a portion of snus requires more complicated equipment. The portion of snus is measured and filled into a cellulose fiber tube, as used for tea bags. These are then sealed and cut. The finished portion bags are packed in a plastic box, which is closed with a lid. After closing with the lid, a check weighing is performed and the cans are then labeled. The cans are then wrapped in foil in stacks and packed in cardboard boxes. Finished packaged Swedish snus is stored in a cold store for several days before leaving the factory. Cold storage is important to allow the snus to mature, giving it its characteristic aromas and flavors.

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