Nicotine pouches buy Spain

Have you ever thought about nicotine? pouchesOr do you not know what those are yet? Pouchesnicopods, also called nicopods or pouches, are small pouches that you simply place between your upper lip and gums. These bags contain nicotine along with a flavor that you can choose yourself. So there is no tobacco in this, which is of course the case with shag and cigarettes. Nicotine pouches buy Spain? You can read more about the different nicopods that are available in this article.

What are nicotine pouches?

As mentioned, nicotine pouches small bags filled with nicotine and a flavor of your choice. These are so small and comfortable that you can put them between your upper lip and gums without any discomfort. The moment saliva reaches the pouch, the taste and nicotine will be released. This results in a wonderful, intense experience.

The nicopods are extremely popular, and therefore there are many different brands to be found. these all have different flavors but also nicotine levels. In this way, the right amount of nicotine is available for everyone. There is also a huge choice in terms of flavours. There are various fresh flavors to be found, from mild menthol to extreme peppermint, as well as fruit and lesser-known flavors. Think of liquorice, cocktail or a tropical combination flavour.

Determining the amount of nicotine

If you want to have the right nicopods, it is of course important that you have ordered the right amount of nicotine. If you used to smoke shag or cigarettes, you can use that as a yardstick. For example, if you smoked heavy tobacco, you need more nicotine than if you smoked light cigarettes.

However, there are also many people who do use nicotine pouches order, but have never smoked. They do this mainly for the taste and the intense experience that is released when your saliva reaches the bag. It is recommended to start with a low nicotine level. Do you think it could be a little more, you can with the next order pouches order with a higher nicotine content.

There are also pods available without nicotine. So you only have your self-chosen taste in the pods, and no nicotine or other substances. Ideal for people who have stopped smoking, but also ideal for reducing your addiction. In that case you can start with pouches with a normal nicotine level, and gradually reduce this.

Nicotine pouches buy Spain

Do you want to see the pouches also try it? Then remember not to use too much nicotine at once. Especially if you have never smoked yourself, you do not need a lot of nicotine. However, if you are looking for that real kick, a certain amount of nicotine must be present to create that effect. How much this is, however, depends very much on the person. The best way to find out is by simply trying it out.




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