COVID 19 lockdown

News about deliveries in the lockdown period.

From December 14, the Netherlands will be locked for at least 5 weeks. The lockdown provides a number of important things that you as a customer must take into account. 

Although service points are officially exempt from closure by the cabinet, the carriers expect that some points will nevertheless close their doors. This means that there are many changes in the area of ​​collection points. 

Keep in mind that closing a large number of service points will cause extra crowds and possibly also capacity problems at the points that do remain open.  

Our advice is if you do choose a service point, then choose a supermarket, so that you can be sure that it is open during the lockdown. 

Also keep in mind that the number of online orders will now increase drastically and therefore there will be delays regarding deliveries.

If you have more questions about the deliveries in the lockdown, please send an email to info@pouches. EU



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