The ONICO brand is one of the newer brands entering the nicotine market pouches has collapsed. And that makes it a fairly special brand at the same time. ONICO only offers nicotine-free pouches On. Hereby pouches it's mainly about the taste that is released when you put them in the mouth.

And in that area they have things well organized. For example, there is the ONICO Licorice, which features a very attractive licorice flavor. Once you try this one, the chances of wanting to use it again are significant. The same is actually true for the ONICO Peppermint. The wonderfully fresh experience that this pouch provides is one that is worth repeating.

Moreover, ONICO has structurally opted for the pouches in the slimme to produce fit. This allows you to insert them comfortably between the upper lip and gums. An enjoyable experience is guaranteed!

View the different options that ONICO currently has to offer and decide for yourself which product you want to give a chance. Are you a fan of a real, authentic liquorice flavor? Or do you prefer freshness? And yes, you can of course also choose to just test them all!



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