Kick up

Kick Up's nicotine pouches are all free of nicotine and tobacco. It is therefore a fairly unique brand, which differs from most other brands with its products.

What you find in the nicotine pouches of Kick Up instead of the nicotine and tobacco are, for example, vitamins, minerals and caffeine. You could say that it is a healthier alternative to snus and nicotine pouches.

The result of using the products of Kick Up is that you experience more energy. Thanks to the mix of vitamins, minerals and caffeine, you will experience a temporary boost in energy. When there are specific times in the day when you can use this, it is definitely recommended to give the pouches of Kick Up a try.

With for example the Kick Up Soft Mint Compact Energy you will experience the refreshing taste of mint, while at the same time feeling a boost of energy.



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