Buy Snus at the snus wholesaler

Do you want to buy snus from the wholesaler? You can of course already buy cheap snus as a private person in the webshop of Pouches. EU, you are free to order as many as you want. We are happy to be your regular snus supplier, regardless of brand, flavor or variant. With us you can enjoy quality products and the service you can expect as a paying customer. However, you can go through do not enjoy volume discounts and wholesale prices. You can contact our partner supplier for this.

Business snus supplier

If you want to purchase snus as a business customer, you can contact our partner and business provider At Snus wholesaler can only be ordered if you have a valid VAT number. This means that as a private individual you cannot make use of the competitive purchase prices, bulk discount and wholesaler purchase.

The benefits of snus purchasing

If you have a club, lounge, shop or delivery service yourself, the sale of nicotine bags, or legal snus, can boost sales. As a snus supplier we see a strong increase in popularity of our products with companies such as; tobacconists, shisha lounges, coffee shops and delivery services such as beer taxis, etc. We also see an exponential greeting in the sale of nicotine bags or snus in local supermarkets, cafes and entertainment venues. Not surprising now that a smoking ban applies almost everywhere. We see snus as a replacement for the cigarette pouches conquer an increasing share of the market. Especially now that more and more it appears that electronic cigarettes are often harmful and even carcinogenic. Nicotine pouches, the legal variant of Swedish snus, are the less harmful alternative to smoking. In addition, it is also social and just very tasty! Have you already discovered your favorite flavor?

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