Snus and participate in the traffic


Using Snus in traffic

Snus and participate in the traffic. Many people wonder if this is possible. To answer this, we look at the relationship between tobacco and traffic as well as between nicotine and traffic. Both apply when using snus.

When you get into the car, it is important that you are not under the influence. We all know the rules about alcohol, of course. Your driving behavior is influenced by the use of alcohol. And the more alcohol you consume, the worse the driving behavior becomes. Ultimately, this poses a danger on the road.

Fortunately, this is different with snus than with alcohol.

Snus and tobacco

Most forms of snus contain tobacco. It is therefore important to look at the relationship between tobacco use and driving behavior. Research has shown that tobacco has no influence on this. You are therefore completely free to use snus that contains tobacco. In front of snus without tobacco The same applies.

Snus and nicotine

In addition, many people also wonder whether nicotine still has an influence on driving behavior. Nicotine has an effect on the brain and possibly also on driving behavior. At least that's what people often think. In practice it appears that this does not affect each other. Snus and participate in traffic is therefore completely safe.

Buy Snus and participate in the traffic

It is often specifically chosen to use snus or nicotine while driving in the car pouches. It is a wonderful moment for yourself, where you can really fully enjoy the latest and most creative flavors. It is not even surprising to say that now is the perfect time to get snus or nicotine pouches and try one of the newest flavors. For example, did you know that the following flavors existed at all:

  • LYFT lime: The indispensable taste of lime is one that will stay with you for a long time. Especially when you think of the nicotine amount of 14 mg / g. This one pouches are a great combination of a taste sensation and a little nicotine kick. Ideal for on the go.
  • Killa Watermelon: Then there are also plenty of people who love the deliciously sweet watermelon. Do you recognize yourself in this? With this pouches you really experience how delicious snus can be. And with 24 mg / g of nicotine, it gives you an authentic boost too.
  • Nordic Spirit Berry Citrus: With a combination of blueberries and bergamot citrus, we have arrived at a very unique pouch. When you have it in your mouth while participating in traffic, you can fully enjoy the flavor explosion. The nicotine kick also applies to this option, thanks to the intensity of 14 mg / g.

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