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Buying snus is a particularly good alternative to smoking shag, cigarettes or cigars. People are increasingly aware that tobacco is not good for you. Electric smoking with a vapor or electric cigarette also appears to be harmful to health. Buying snus is a good, tobacco-free solution with a nice effect. It is originally a fairly well-known stimulant. However, the popularity of a bag of nicotine under the upper lip has gained momentum in recent years. The fact that more and more people are buying snus bags is partly due to the shrinking support for smoking and the smoking ban that applies almost everywhere. As a result, for example, more and more flavors of snus are available for sale. Snus bags are also often called nicopods, nicotine pouches or called nicotine pouches in Dutch. These nicotine pouches are available online in our webshop in various shapes and sizes.

The power of nicotine pouches

Nicotine pouches are popular for several reasons. Basically, there are often two main benefits associated with nicotine pouches. These are:

  • The nicotine kick: The nicotine kick is one of the biggest advantages of nicotine pouches. Especially when you realize that there are different degrees. For example, do you want to experience a fairly intense nicotine kick? Then this is with the nicotine pouches quite possible. Some snus variants are specially made for this. They deliver an experience that a cigarette or cigar cannot match.

  • The taste sensation: In addition to the nicotine kick, the taste sensation also plays a major role in the success of “nicopods”. It is nice to experience certain unique flavors. Especially if you like different types, the nicotine pouches worth buying. Thanks to the many flavor options, you are able to try a new flavor every time. This way you will continue to enjoy it in the long run.

We are happy to offer these nicotine pouches. It is our opinion that the above benefits are desired by many people. And even if you prefer not to experience an intense nicotine kick, you have come to the right place in our online shop. There are plenty of options with little or no nicotine in them. It is mainly about experiencing the taste or the freshness. This in itself is also completely worth it.

Nicotine pouches in different flavors

As indicated, we offer nicotine pouches in different flavours. These often vary greatly. For example, on the one hand we have a lot of fresh options. Clear shades of mint are then present. This gives you a fresh feeling, which results in fresh breath.

There is also the option of opting for fruity flavors. There are mainly sweet shades to the nicotine pouches. We also notice that there is a lot of demand for this. People like to imitate the feeling of a candy in the mouth, as it were.

Finally, there are plenty of other flavors left too. Consider, for example, a licorice flavour. There are too many to list them all here. So take a look at our extensive range. You can then see at a glance what snus variants are for sale with us.

Nicopods increasingly popular

The nicopods market has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. We notice that the demand is increasing every day. And so we do everything we can to meet everyone's needs. For example, by offering nicotine-free, nicotine-rich and different flavors. This means there is something for everyone. And this also makes it fun to give a new flavor a chance every time.

Offer from various top brands

When offering nicopods, we always want to be sure that they are quality products. To receive products with which you really value for money. And so we only offer top brands, such as:

Do you want nicopods from, for example, Lyft, Killa, V&YOU, Pablo of Klint to order? You can buy snus online at fast and easy.

Place your order now and you will have your favorite nicotine bags at home tomorrow.


What is snus?

Nowadays there are more and more ways in which you get nicotine in your body without having to smoke. Obviously, this has a few obvious benefits, as it is well known that smoking is bad for health. The alternatives today include:

  • Band aids
  • Chewing gum
  • Melting / lozenge
  • Mouthspray
  • Chewing tobacco
  • Snuff
  • snus


Most people can imagine what they mean for most options, but what exactly is snus ?!

Snus is really just powdered tobacco, to put it very plainly. In the form of moist powder to be absolutely precise. This powder is obtained by grinding steamed tobacco and mixing it with salt, sodium carbonate and certain flavors. So it is a true mixture of different ingredients. And this method of getting tobacco originated from Norway and Sweden. Snus is an excellent aid when you want to quit smoking and not a whole trajectory at the GP want to take. Snussen is a fun activity where you miss the cigarette a little less!

How do you use snus?

What you often see is that people do know what snus is and they don't quite understand how it is used. To clarify this, the use of snus goes as follows; you put snus (bag filled with nicotine) just behind your upper lip. This ensures that the amount of nicotine in the snus is slowly but surely absorbed by your body. The duration of this varies from a few minutes to even a few hours.

Why is snus used?

A good question, with a clear answer; mainly because it is a slightly healthier alternative to smoking. Snus can still not be called really healthy, but due to the lack of smoke, it is a lot safer for your lungs. In addition, many people also experience the use of snus on their own as pleasant. The lack of combustion products ensures that your lungs have less to endure.

What are nicotine pouches? 

You can use Nicotine pouches actually see it as yet another better alternative to snus. Both products are very similar, but there is one important difference. This is due to the fact that nicotine pouches do not contain tobacco. Instead of tobacco, plant fiber is used in the manufacture of this product. This has the following advantages:

More tooth-friendly

It is well known that some forms of snus are not very good for the teeth. They affect it. this can cause discoloration on the tooth. The benefit of nicotine pouches however, these are often just white. This means less damage to the teeth. You will have better teeth.

Longer expiration date

Nicotine pouches last a lot longer than snus. This allows you to enjoy it a lot longer. This also makes it possible to purchase several flavors at the same time and to alternate them nicely. You have plenty of time to try them all out!

After reading this information, do you happen to think the following?

'Sounds good. That nicotine pouches I'm going to give it a try! '

… Then you are here  at the right place.

With a very extensive range of different nicotine pouches you can fully enjoy yourself. One thing is certain; it never gets boring. There is always a new flavor you can try. All our snus is kept fresh and refrigerated. This way the user experiences the optimal effect of our nicotine pouches.



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